OPEN-BOX Long No.14 Spanner Set

  • DIN 3113 Form B/ISO 7738 Form B
  • Slim construction with skin-friendly round finish
    High bending strength due to double T-profile
    Low load zones due to offset rotary axis
    Easy to read key width informationHigh Performance Quality, Chrome-Alloy-Steel
    Tightening torques higher than DIN
    mkp-tested, more stable than any screw
    Extremely resilient, exceptionally durable

    Passive accident protection through longitudinal steel fibre course
    Drop forged in a die, hardened and cooled in an oil bath
    Chrome plating over nickel, durable and spall-proof

    Exact dimensional accuracy in series production
    piece-by-piece checks
    Less tool wear
    Less screw wear