Sino XH series DRO Counters offer an affordable low cost solution for your Lathe or Milling machine digital readout requirements. Together with the MK series scales and mounting bracket kits sold separately let the Sino XH series digitalise your lathe or mill experience. Standard series scales available ranging from 220mm to 1020mm and Compact series available ranging from 170mm to 270mm specially designed to suit X-Axis travels on Lathes.
  • 3-Axis digital display
  • Multifunction display for lathes or milling machines
  • Inch / metric display
  • Mid point calculation
  • Absolute & incremental (ABS/INC)
  • Pre-set datum coordinates
  • Bolt hole circle and line positioning
  • Arc and slope processing
  • Angle display mode
  • Load default setup
  • Clear zero
  • Power off memory
  • Brightness adjustment
  • 5┬Ám accuracy
  • 240V