● Rubber grip absorbs the vibration remarkably well and also protects your hand from the cold.
● 4 positions regulator dial for easy adjustment and it has an forward, reverse for easy adjustment.

Maximum TorqueNm/(ft-lb) 1,650/(1,217)
Working Torque RangeNm/(ft-lb) 0-1,320/(0-974)
Bolt Capmm/(in.) 24/(15/16)
Free Speedr.p.m. (F)6,000(R)6,500
Weightkg/(lb) 3.25/(7.2)
Noise Level *dBA/(power) 92/(103)
Vibration a/k *m/s2 11.2/1.6
Avg.Air ConsumptionCFM/(L/S) 8.0/(3.8)
Air Inlet Sizein. 3/8
Hose Sizemm/(in.) 13/(1/2)