For cold or hot bending of flat, round, and square steel
  • COLD BENDING – Flat 100x5mm, Square 16x16mm, Round Ø18mm, Angle Steel 60x8mm (only with pre-notching)
  • HOT BENDING – Flat 100x10mm, Square 20x20mm, Round Ø20mm, Angle Steel 100x10mm (only with pre-notching)
  • Mount to work bench with 4 mounting holes for sturdy operation
  • Adjustable bending stop with angle scale up to 120°
  • Adjustable material length stop for repeatability
  • Eccentric quick action cam lever material clamp
  • Wide supporting face ensuring safe and reliable operation
  • Bending angle of various radius by changing and/or turning around die plate
  • Additional Bending Plates