The HM-46B milling machines is similar in overall size to the popular RF-31 or HM-32 but with the additional benefit of a 6-speed 95-1600rpm, gear driven head which can be tilted up to 90º either side of the vertical. This feature allows the head to be positioned in a variety of positions, allowing a whole range of milling, slotting, grooving, drilling and boring operations to be carried out.

The usual handle-driven down feed is available for precision drilling and there is a fine manual down-feed control for precise vertical milling.

The motor is controlled by a separate forward and reverse on/off button switches.

There is a heavy duty steel stand available as an extra, strongly recommended bearing in mind the weight of the machine.

Also available is a optional power feed attachment which fits to the left hand end of the table and provides a smooth, variable speed longitudinal drive.

  • 3-Axis digital readout counter fitted with 2-Axis X & Y scales only
  • Gear driven head 6 speeds
  • Dovetail vertical Z-axis
  • Mill head tilts to ±90º from vertical with digital display
  • Large 730 x 210mm ground work table with T-slots
  • Adjustable leadscrew nuts eliminating backlash on both axis
  • Fine feed hand wheel operating quill feed
  • Forward and reverse on/off button switches
  • Digital tilting head gauge
  • 3MT spindle with 75mm diameter quill
  • Adjustable table and drill length stops
  • Rack and pinion wind-up head
  • Rear slide-way cover and slide clamps on all axis
  • Spindle lock for quill
  • Table lock on both axis
  • Metric dial graduations @ 0.05mm for X & Y axis
  • 3-Axis digital readout counter fitted with 2-Axis X & Y scales only
  • Digital tilting head gauge
  • Drill chuck & arbor
  • Face cutter & arbor
  • Safety cutter guard
  • M12 draw bar
  • 1/2″ x 12tpi whitworth draw bar
Digital Readout 3-Axis Counter, X, Y Scales
Type Vertical
(mm)Table Size 730 x 210
Column Type Dovetail
Spindle Taper – Vertical 3MT
(mm)Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) 485
(mm)Cross Travel (Y-Axis) 175
(mm)Vertical Travel (Z-Axis) 430
Type of Slides Dovetail
(mm)Spindle to Table 485
(mm)Spindle Travel / Diameter 120 / 75
(mm)Throat Depth (max.) 265
Tilting Head (Left ~ Right) ±90º
Tilting Head (Forward ~ Back) Fixed
(mm)Drilling Capacity 31.5
(mm)End Milling Capacity 28
(mm)Face Milling Capacity 80
(mm/min)Power Feed – Longitudinal (X-Axis) Optional
(inch / mm)Table T-Slot Size 14
(kg)Work Table Load Capacity 55
(No./ rpm)Spindle Speeds Vertical 6 (95 – 1600)
(kW / hp)Motor Power – Vertical 1.5 / 2
(V / amp)Voltage / Amperage 240 / 10
(cm)Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) 102 x 102 x 143
(kg)Nett Weight 380