1.6mm Mild Steel Capacity

The SHST-1.6HD is unique that its head has a deep throat of 205mm, this foot operated shrinker stretcher is ideal for mild steel sheet metal up to 16-gauge, 1.6mm in thickness. This is the perfect machine for working metal for auto, cycle or aeroplane body work. This machine is ruggedly built and can shrink or stretch metal with ease at full capacity.

Our metal shrinker stretcher has a rugged floor stand with foot pedal control to actuate the jaws allowing the hands to be free to properly work the material.

    • 1.6mm mild steel capacity
    • Shrinks metal for inside bends
    • Stretches metal for outside bends
    • Works on flanges up to 205mm wide
    • Easy foot pedal operation
    • Strong steel stand provides an ideal working height
  • 1 x set of shrinking dies
  • 1 x set of stretching dies