Guhring Countersink Set 1.5mm – 20.5mm (6pc)

////Guhring Countersink Set 1.5mm – 20.5mm (6pc)

Guhring Countersink Set 1.5mm – 20.5mm (6pc)

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90 degree

Straight shank

Three flute


Set contains: 6.3mm, 8.3mm, 10.4mm, 12.4mm, 16.5mm, 20.5mm

Superior quality countersinks made in Germany by one of the worlds leading cutting tools manufacturers.

With over 35,000 stocked standard items and more than a century of expertise in cutting tool manufacturing, combined with powerful R&D resources, Guhring outshines all others in breadth of and quality of products offered.

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Weight .290 kg
Dimensions 145 × 100 × 40 mm