Abbott & Ashby buffing mops and compounds are used in conjunction to obtain a more refined, brighter finish to your work. Buffing mops are available in both loose leaf and stitched calico to ensure that you achieve the desired finish on your metal or alloy workpiece.

  • All mops have tapered centre bores, and may be mounted on the left or right of your grinder using a tapered buffing spindle.
  • Select the correct mop for the job – a stitched mop for cutting back or general purpose work, or a loose leaf calico mop for high gloss polishing – avoid using different compounds on one mop, keep a separate mop for each compound and label it clearly.
  • Dress the mop with compound across the rotating face for a few seconds taking care not to “overload” the mop – it is far better to apply a little compound more frequently than to over dress the mop.
  • After applying the compound, bring the workpiece to the wheel and with light pressure move back and forth across the job.
  • After the job is finished to your satisfaction, remove any compound residue with mineral turpentine or methylated spirits.