Rust Prevention

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Keep the metalworkers perenial problem at bay with these great products.


CRC 5-56 is a multi purpose lubricant and protectant that has superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it cleans away scale and dirt. Eliminates the need for many disassembly operations. CRC Lanoshield is a safe and environmentally friendly, product. It is an excellent corrosion inhibitor, as well as a release agent and lubricant. CRC Lanoshield is non-evaporative, making it the ideal product to withstand harsh outdoor applications such as Agriculture and Farming, Marine, Communications and Timber. As a lubricant CRC Lanoshield is ideally suited to both Light and Heavy Industry in areas such as food production, metal fabrication, saw blades moulding and extrusion and general maintenance. A petroleum based long term indoor / outdoor corrosion inhibitor for machined surfaces and assemblies subject to long periods of storage or adverse conditions during shipment.
CRC Soft Seal seals out moisture and corrosive contaminants by forming a dry, transparent, amber film which is highly resistant to humidity, salt water and salt spray. The firm waxy film does not become brittle and will not craze. Softseal will not attack plastic, rubber, paint or insulation material. Easy to remove with petroleum solvents.
400g Aerosol CRC400
4 Litre CRC4L
20 Litre CRC20L
350g Aerosol LANO 300g Aerosol SOFTSEAL
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