Cutting Fluids

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Cutting fluids for machining.


-Greatly extended tool life
-Excels in tough materials, great
on stainless steels
-Anti-mist protection for a
healthier work environment
-Super fine machined finish
in operation after operation
-Contains no 1,1,1 tricloroethane
or other ozone depleting chemicals
-Eases all operations on aluminium:
milling, broaching, drilling,
threading, tapping, reaming,
sawing etc.
-Contains anti-mist component
for a healthier work environment
-Blended to form an extreme-
pressure boundry lubricant
between tool and work surface
Trefolex is a green coloured, active cutting compound containing a colloid. It melts slowly as frictional heat is generated. It maintains efficient lubrication throughout operations such as pipe screwing, hack sawing, tapping, reaming, etc. It is suitable for all users of hand tools. Trefolex prolongs the life of the tool. It will not corrode steel nor affect aluminium. Although the surface of copper and brass is darkened, the metal suffers no detrimental effect. It is ideal for use with stainless steel.
4 Ounce 04Z-NRT
1 Pint PNT-NRT 4 Ounce 04Z-A9
1 Gallon 01G-NRT 1 Pint PNT-A9
8 Ounce Paste 08Z-NRTP 500ml Paste TREF500
Trefolex CDT Cutting Oil is a superior cutting, drilling and thread cutting lubricant for use on all types of metals. Additives create a strong film that can withstand extreme pressure to increase tool life and improve cutting. It is ideal for the critical machining of non-ferrous metals for all operations in Machinability Group 1 and less critical operations in Machinability Group 2.
A viscosity modifier increases ‘cling’ for use at any angle. Trefolex CDT also leaves an anti- corrosive residue.
Suttons Lubricating Fluid is a medium viscosity metal cutting liquid for use in reaming, tapping, drilling and other metal cutting operations.

Sutton Tools Lubricating Fluid has been specifically formulated to –
• Dissipate heat from both the tool work piece
• Act as a lubricant between the tool and the work piece
• Extend tool and die life by reducing wear
• Improves thread and surface finish
• Remove swarf from the cutting edge
• Flows to cutting edge
• Excellent penetration into deep holes and slots

For use with holesaws, drills, taps, reamers and general metal machining applications.
Apply Lubricating Fluid to work piece prior and during machining process.

A premium quality Chlorine Free borate containing soluble cutting oil designed for all moderate machining operations such as milling, drilling, turning, reaming and grinding.
5 Litre HI6-2910-005
20 Litre HI6-2910-0020
300g Aerosol TREF300
250ml 434278
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